Mode 2

Berlin, Germany

Mode 2 was born 1967 in Mauritius.

He spent his childhood under the sun of the Indian Ocean, before moving to the UK in July 1976. Punk had just started, while reggae and dub were ever present in the neighbourhood „blues“ parties. 1977 was the release of Star Wars. Before even getting into J.R.R. Tolkien, this movie was definitely a milestone in his childhood. All these influences, as well as the music coming from the radio, the TV and the street, are reflected in his Art work; from comic strip characters to lead figurines, even to

the odd oil portrait or landscape painting. Underlining the global influence that the writing culture had acquired since 1984, the book, Subway Art, in 1987, and the cover of “Spraycan Art” exported his name and his characters to every corner of the planet where the culture had taken a hold on. But that disproportional fame, did not actually bring that much recognition to his work. Mode 2, in the meantime, despite the plague of communication technology, will continue to evolve and refine what I do, choosing where and when I wish to reach out to the public, and give from what makes me feel alive. •